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TBC-Social Quick Start Guide

A walkthrough of the TBC-Social Interface can be found on our Tools page. Hover on each slide for a full explanation. 

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Search Agents

Our publishing tools offer many features that will make your social presence blossom with content. You can publish to many profiles at once, design custom messages, syndicate RSS, schedule posts in advance, setup recurring post, geo target messages, etc. Our smart scheduler fundamentally changes the way social traffic and post performance works. It gives your best content new life and never runs out of things to say.

You can quickly and easily organize your publishing by grouping related publications into Content Groups. 

Using content groups allows for better organizational control of who on your team does what, it allows you to get a better understanding on what type of content you are producing more or less and most importantly what kind of content performs well. 

Evergreen content is used to schedule posts when there are gaps in the posting schedule. This allows you to repeat relevant content when you're not able to post new content. To create evergreen posts simply update any already scheduled post to be evergreen.

Tip! After you’ve sent an initial post that includes all your social media channels, then go into the post and republish for another day, but this time to only the channels where repeats are welcome (i.e. Facebook and Twitter). Dupes on channels like Pinterest and Google+ look spammy -and you don’t want that!

Items on the Evergreen Content list can be removed by going to the Publishing drop down and clicking on Evergreen Content. Select the button to the left of any unwanted or outdated content and then unevergreen or suspend publishing for it. 

You can monitor buzz around any keywords you like. Just create a new Search Agent, select options: keywords you want to track, social networks you would like us to search, strictness of search you would like applied.

We suggest you add the area hot spots in as search agents. Things like lakes, popular places and parks. If you add your community’s name then be sure to also add negative terms like jobs, realtors, realty, etc so you don’t end up with just too much info!

We send a daily email for every project you have - daily summary of everything that happened the day before within your project. This is so much more convenient then logging in to every network or even TBC-Social every day. Just look over that email and take action if necessary. You can enable notifications by going to "My Account" and then "Notifications"

Frequently Asked Questions

A Complete Social Media Management Platform

TBC-Social is an all-in-one social media management solution. Every feature a Social Media Manager needs on a day-to-day basis: scheduling and publishing, monitoring and listening, responding to every question and comment, designing insightful, unlimited reports and analytics all of these features are spun into this one universal dashboard. 

In short - if you are using multiple tools today to do your social media work - this platform of tools can do them all for you!






Google Analytics (reports only)

Constant Contact


TripAdvisor (feed only)

Instagram (managed social media package)

Yes, you can publish both! From the Schedule A Post window, click the Attach Media button to open your media library.

TBC-Social media

From your media library, you can publish images and videos you've already used in other posts, connect external OneDrive, Dropbox or Google Drive folders that have media in them, or upload images and videos from your computer or directly from a URL.

For Video Files We currently support MP4, AVI and MOV files with a 10mb upload limit per file. If your file exceeds 10mb, we recommend uploading your file using Dropbox, Google Drive or One Drive.


When uploading images, you also have options available enabling you to rotate the image, move it in different directions, zoom in and out, as well as crop the image.

Once you have decided on an image or video you'd like to publish, click on it and then click Use Media. From this screen you can also see if you've already used the image or video in a previous post, and if so, how many posts and clicks are associated with it.


After clicking Use Media, you'll be taken back to the Schedule A Post window where you can continue with constructing and publishing your post!