Destination Tourism Self-Evaluation

Self-Evaluation Starts Here

While the secrets of success for many tourism destinations are intangible, the following are considered to be the major success factors.
Complete this short questionnaire to determine the ‘Visitor Readiness’ of your destination.
Name 3-5 words that visitors use to describe your destination as a whole.
Describe common characteristics of the people that typically enjoy your area (ie. target market)?
Are the area activities, attractions and entertainment of significant appeal to the target market segments and do those attractions suit the image and branding of the destination?
Are there a variety of lodging and other accommodations to suit the needs of the target market segment?
Do attractions and accommodation options fall within the budget of the target market segment, and are there lower and higher priced options available to satisfy a larger segment of the market?
Are there people in the community who can take on leadership roles at the local level to inspire and direct industry activity, especially on a daily and/or weekly basis
Is the value of tourism, both socially and economically, well understood and supported within the community?
Is information about the destination and its attractions well distributed to potential visitors in a cost effective manner? Are analytics in place to measure success?
Is the local road system viable for the traffic that tourism will bring to the area? Is the areas’ transportation infrastructure including bike paths and walkways sufficient to facilitate exploration?
Are all sectors (hospitality, tourism, local government, etc.) working with each other for integrated and consistent planning and marketing?
Are there long and short-term tourism goals in place to direct resources and measure success?
Whew! You did it! Do you see the opportunity in your area? Do you see room for improvement?
Give us a call today or leave a comment below to begin the steps on getting your destination ready for visitors!