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Destination Marketing

Drawing on our team’s deep tourism experience, we'll guide you in setting up the right framework to meet your goals. Starting with an objective assessment of where your location stands, and could stand, in the world of tourism, we'll guide you through the steps that will advance your destination.

Whether you have an EDC, a Visitor Bureau, a Chamber of Commerce or some combination of all three, we will help you make sure they are supporting each other and climbing in the same direction.

Brand & Identity

Yes, destinations have brands, too. Does yours appeal to those people that you would like to visit your locale? Does it say the right things about you? If not, we can help with that.

We start at the very beginning with you by helping identify your brand - what makes your destination attractive to visitors and sets you apart in the market. Then we will guide you, developing and executing that plan with the proven tools and key professionals we bring to base camp.

Honest Destination Branding Wins Visitors - Repeatedly.

Digital Marketing

After the homework is done, its time to roll up your sleeves and begin getting your new brand out 'there'. Email newsletters, social media, advertising, media relations, and workhorse websites -where does one start?!

Take a deep breathe! We've done this before. Our marketing approach includes developing your content and messaging, then deeply integrating it into the channels that best reach your target audiences. Ongoing evaluation fine-tunes your plan to reach ever improving results.

Integrated digital marketing creates the most leverage. We've got you!


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Social Energizer, LLC. doing business as Tourism Base Camp